Support Street Home Page

When you contact Support Street, provide as much of the following information as possible. It often helps to provide some context, for example:
  • What you were trying to do
  • Can you duplicate the problem
  • Whether you've ever been able to do this, and if so, if anything about your system has changed since then
  • If you've done anything to try to fix the problem
  • How long the problem has been occurring

If you received an error message, note its exact text. Some error messages have a Details button. Click the Details button, if available, to show a more complete error similar to this: "program name.exe caused an invalid page fault / general protection fault in module XXXXX at xxxx:xxxxxxxx" This is followed by a list of numbers called the register dump. Copy the complete error message for the Support Center, but ignore the long register dump.

If you need support for a program that we have designed for you always include the name and version number.

In any case, to speed up support, always be as detailed as possible!!!